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Kamen Rider Zero-One - A New Enemy Appears! Enter Kamen Rider Ark Zero!

As Hiden Manufacturing grows progressively, the terrorist group will also reunite to continue their mission plus a new enemy emerges in the form of Kamen Rider Ark Zero! Scans translated by our Man-From-Japan, Filip!

With his identity unknown, this new dark rider will transform using the Ark Zero Driver. Is he human or a HumaGear? Or something that was never seen before? And will he join or will he have his very own agenda?

Once again, Gai will have his sorry @$$ handed to him as Kamen Rider Horobi and Kamen Rider Zero-One will have a three-way match! 

After searching for and acquiring Raiden's (Kamen Rider Ikazuchi) ProgRise Key by kidnapping a HumaGear farmer named Midori, the leader of the, Jin, Naki (who acquires a new body) and a revived Raiden reunites to continue their mission!

Lastly, after freeing herself as a pawn of her boss, Yua Yaiba quits ZAIA Enterprises, brings the smackdown on her former boss and decides to join Hiden Manufacturing. And Gai will have more problems as people who uses his product, the ZAIAspec will go berserk! 

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