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Plant Sentai Botanical Force Audio Drama & Special Movie Promo Video

FANCL, a company known for the cosmetic products and supplements has released a promo video for their Ikemen heroes called Plant Sentai Botanical Force.

The Plant Sentai Botanical Force are a team of ikemen warriors who uses the moisturizing power of plants to protect earth's skin against the evil Gasagasa Empire which deprives the human skin of moisture.

Their voice actors comprise of  Red -Takuma Terashima (Ultraman Taiga), Blue - Yoshimasa Hosoya (Ageha Yummy in Kamen Rider OOO), Yellow - Ryuhei Kimura (Shinjiro Hayata of ULTRAMAN),  Green - Junichi Suwabe (from Kamen Rider EX-AID), and Pink - Shouta Aoi (Ai Mikaze of Uta no Prince-sama). 

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1 Response
  1. Anonymous Says:

    That's not gonna be added to the future original super sentai franchise (tv show only), is it?

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