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Power Rangers Jungle Fury Star Bruce Allpress Passed Away At Age Of 89

Another sad news has hit the Power Rangers community as it was reported that actor Bruce Allpress, who is known for his role as Master Phant/Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger of Power Rangers Jungle Fury has passed away. He was 89 years old.

According to the news, Mr. Allpress, who has been an actor for 60 years, peacefully passed away last Thursday in his home, surrounded by his family. the cause of his death is yet to be announced.

One of Mr. Allpress's famous role was when he portrayed Aldor in the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

To all of us here in the Tokusatsu and Power Rangers community, we exted our condolences and prayers to Mr. Allpress's friends and family. Rest in peace, Master Phant, you are now one with the morphin' grid.

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1 Response
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Rest in peace and "See You Again" (best emotional song from "Fast and Furious 7") Bruce Allpress. You will be missed, you'll never be forgotten, but always be remembered. What a wonderful life you lived.
    P.S. May the power always protect you.

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