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Premium Bandai Unveils The Kamen Rider Zero-One PC Cushion Is (Izu)

Looking for the perfect work companion to lighten up your work load? Well, Premium Bandai brings you this cute and cuddly chibi version of our beloved HumaGear assistant/secretary from the Kamen Rider Zero-One TV series!

Introducing the Kamen Rider Zero-One PC Cushion Is (or Izu to which fans prefer). This 43cm tall plush toy will come complete with a removable plush keyboard which features the symbols of various ProgRise Keys and an "Alt" key spelled as "Aruto".

The Kamen Rider Zero-One PC Cushion Is will be sold for 6,380 yen and is a Premium Bandai web exclusive item. 

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2 Responses
  1. I said it on Orends Range's article and I'll say it again; Izu's actress must be so creeped out by this thing. I know Kamen Rider is a toy series but I'm sure the actors took that to mean the weapons and the Rider characters in their costumes, not the actors in supporting roles and with an approximation of their actual face.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This is just plain disturbing...

    But typically Japan.

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