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Superhero Time Review - April 19, 2020

While I can't upload videos due to technical issues, that doesn't stop me however from bringing the latest Superhero Time review!

Kamen Rider Zero One Ep.32


Aruto helps out on a fashion show by working with a Singular Humagear named Delmo.

-It's interesting to see a new version humagear display more natural human emotions than most new version Humagears including Izu. Normally older versions such as Was and Ikazuchi were the only ones able to act more human.
-Naki begins to take a more prominent role. She even has fight scenes. Those fight scenes kinda gave me a Kamen Rider W feel. You'll see why when you watch it.
-Gai is starting to look more pathetic with getting his ass whooped consecutively.
-Seeing Fumiya and Noa recreate their catwalk from last year was adorable.
Overall rating: 4 out of 5

Kiramager Ep.7


The other Kiramagers train Juru to make him a more competent fighter and leader.

-While this is obviously a Juru focus episode it's nice to see each Kiramager contribute making them look more and more like a team. Poor Juru can't catch a break though.
-The enemies send out 2 Jamenshi at the same time. Garza also makes another appearance related to the Jamenshi brothers.
-We do see a silhouette of the King Express in this episode.
Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Again I apologize for this review not being a video, but I'll definitely work hard to put out content. Thanks so much and until next time.

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