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Superhero Time Review

Time for another Superhero Time review!

Kamen Rider Zero One Ep.33

ZAIA attempts another attack on HIDEN Manufacturing. Yua's conflicting emotions reach the breaking point.

-This episode heavily focuses on the increasingly intense dynamic between the AIMS riders and ZAIA
-Yua and Isamu should get a room already
-I kinda forgot Aruto existed because of the heavy focus on Isamu, Yua, and Gai
-Yua gives us probably the most satisfying scene in the whole show so far
-5 out of 5 thanks to Yua

Kiramager Ep.8

Continuing from the previous episode Juru collapses after a non-stop intensive training from his teammates.

-Seeing King Express in action was nice but I wish the producers did more for the design of the mech especially with the Smog Jouki parts
-Juru meeting Oradin kinda felt too fast of a pacing for me but maybe they might meet again a few more times in future episodes
-Seeing Juru get his payback on this teammates is kinda funny
-3 out of 5 because not much going on really other than King Express's debut

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