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1/100 METAL BUILD: Aile Striker (Alternative Strike) Official Images

Want to make your very own 1/100 METAL BUILD: Strike Gundam more bad @$$ looking? Then Premium Bandai has brought you the good news as they will be releasing the 1/100  METAL BUILD: Aile Striker (Alternative Strike) expansion part!

The 1/100  METAL BUILD: Aile Striker (Alternative Strike) can also be attached to the METAL BUILD Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai (Alternative Strike Version) and Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise (boith sold separately) and will come complete with the following accessories: 2x Beam Saber Grip, 2x Beam Saber effect, back  pack joint for the Astrays and a support set and will also have diecast parts.

The 1/100 METAL BUILD: Aile Striker (Alternative Strike)is a Premium Bandai item and will cost 8,250 yen and will be released this October 2020 with pre-orders now open.

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