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Gridman goes Sengoku style

The Gridman series takes a new spin on the latest issue of Monthly Shonen Champion!

Aptly named Sengoku Gridman, the story takes place in the Sengoku period, and revolves around a boy named Karasuboshi, and his sister Tamaki, living in a country called Kuraba. A mysterious plague also scourges the land turning people into monsters. The siblings fight of the plague with the help of the being named Gridman.

The series is created by Yuuki Tamura, and has already launched its first issue on the latest Shonen Champion released on May 2, 2020. It will also run alongside SSSS.GRIDMAN Shinseiki Chuugakusei no Shitsuji Cafe, which features Rikka Takarada as the main character, with Samurai Caliber, Max, Bora, and Vitz now working as waiters in Rikka's now butler-themed cafe. This story is drawn by Misaki Sako.

Monthly Shonen Champion feat. SSSS.GRIDMAN


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