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Kamen Rider Zero-One - Jin Will Have Dramatic Character Development & Horobi To Become Ark Zero?

While Kamen Rider Zero-One is on a break (and we still don't know when Toei will broadcast their Superhero Time block), here are some interesting news for MetsuBoujinrai's dynamic duo.

The recent issue of Animage Magazine had an interview with both Kamen Rider Jin's actor, Daisuke Nakagawa and Syuya Sunagawa, who portrays Kamen Rider Horobi. 

According to Daisuke Nakagawa, Jin will undergo a dramatic character development which could be related to Horobi accepting his himself as Jin's father. This could also mean that Ark will take over Horobi, turn him into his own body and transform him into Kamen Rider Ark Zero.

Syuya Sunagawa also mentioned in the interview that Horobi will have more spotlight in episodes 36 till 38. If Horobi thus become Kamen Rider Zero Ark, this could be the reason that he did not receive any upgrades in the past episodes because he was destined to become the most powerful HumaGear.

Source: Nihon Hero

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