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New Dark Rangers Introduced In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #53

We all know that our favorite multi-colored teenagers with attitude have faced many deadly enemies in their past battles but nothing will prepare them all from this new threat: enter the new, improved and much deadlier Dark Rangers!

Introduced in the 53rd issue of BOOM!'s Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the evil Lord Zedd has transformed his wife, Rita Repulsa (red), and his henchmen consisting of Goldar (yellow/gold), Squatt (blue), Baboo (black) and Finster (pink) into a nightmarish version of the Power Rangers complete with metallic suits with a Z symbol on their chest and are all powered by the green chaos crystal.

Will they be more than a match against the Power Rangers? Find-out in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #53 on sale in August 26, 2020!

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