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Premium Bandai Announces The Ultra Prop Replica Ultra Zero Eye & Ultra Zero Bracelet Set

The chosen one's 10th anniversary continues as Premium Bandai brings you their latest Ultra Prop Replica offering in the form of the Ultra Zero Eye and Ultra Zero Bracelet set.

The Ultra Zero Eye, Zero's iconic transformation device, can also transform into its gun mode that was first seen in the Ultraman Zero movie. Pressing the button on the top right will activate the transformation sound. It will also include 4 theme song and BGM with 45 recorded lines from Zero's voice actor, Mamoru Miyano.

On the other hand, the Ultra Zero Bracelet, which is used by Ran to summon the Ultra Zero Eye, sill come with an acceleration sensor which will react and activate the LED for the summoning sound.

The  Ultra Prop Replica Ultra Zero Eye & Ultra Zero Bracelet Set is a Premium Bandai Set and will go for 13,300 yen and is set for a November 2020 release with pre-orders now open and will end on June 30th.

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