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Superhero Time - May 3, 2020

This week's Superhero Time Review is here!

Kamen Rider Zero One ep.34

Horobi and Jin attempt to revive both Naki and Ikazuchi to complete once again.

-It's been quite a while since we saw Shining Hopper
-ZAIA specs have been nothing but trouble I tell ya
-It's refreshing to see Yua wear anything other than her suit
-Isamu is reduced to a goof in this episode
-We learn more about Horobi's past
-Overall 3 out of 5 because there's not much going on other than a focus on Horobi

Kiramager ep.9

A Jamenshi uses Karuta to cause trouble in town. The Kiramagers battle him with the help of Sena's childhood friend and rival Makino.

-The individual focus episodes have never disappointed me so far
-We see Sena as a child in this episode
-Little Sena is just as adorable as the adult
-Personally I prefer little Sena over little Sayo
-I think I hear sirens outside my house right now
-Sena could've been a pro Karuta player
-Overall 5 out of 5 because dammit I love Sena (and little Sena)

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