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Superhero Time Review - May 10 2020

This may be the last Superhero Time review before the broadcast hiatus starts, but here we go!

Kamen Rider Zero One Ep.35

Summary: brings back 2 of their main members. A fight breaks out between ZAIA and Ark forces.

-It's interesting to see a larger scale battle as opposed to the typical 1 on 1 or few against many fights in rider shows
-ZAIA really wants to show how militarized it has become while Ark has its rogue Humagears at the ready
-Naki pulling off an Aruto joke on Isamu is a must-see
-Stupid Gai still thinks he can win
-Metsuboujinrai reunion looks like they be droppin the hottest mix of 2020
-ZAIA finally deploys the Gigas to prove their power
-Overall: 4 out of 5; things are starting to get more exciting with Mtsuboujinrai getting back together like a 90's boyband after a few years

Kiramager Episode 10

The Kiramagers encounter a mysterious idol who turns out to be Shiguru's super obsessed fan.

-As an AKB48 fan I couldn't contain my fanboying because of Nana Owada.
-Shiguru and Sayo never fail to give great laughs
-Yodohime's song will be included in an upcoming Kiramager song collection coming next month
-Shiguru's skill in controlling his Kiramental to create a new attack is amazing
-Nana Owada should appear in the show more often even as a semi-recurring character
-Overall: 5 out of 5; it's a Shiguru episode that's all you need and it satisfies my toku fanboy and idol fanboy at the same  time

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