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Theories and Speculations - Who will be Kamen Rider Ark Zero?

Kamen Rider makes his 1st on-screen appearance on the 1st part of the President' Special!

Now, time to guess which character is going to be Ark Zero!
So first off, the Metsuboujinrai members are our first most likely suspects. I mean, they follow the will of Ark. But which one of them is most likely?

Horobi - Among the Mestuboujinrai members, he seems to be the most likely. He's the one most active working to rebuild Ark and destroy humanity. Despite recent episodes showing Aruto trying to sway Horobi away from evil, what I imagine is that just when Horobi is close to breaking away from Ark, Ark takes over and completely breaks Horobi's will. Or Horobi willingly accepts.

Jin - Ever since his return, Jin has been all about liberating the Humagears independent from the will of Ark. This makes his likelihood quite low. I actually think he might eventually work with Aruto to take down Ark if he deems it necessary for his own ambitions.

Naki - Naki would most likely be swayed by Isamu away from Ark's will. But rather than liberating Humagears like Jin, Naki's purpose may be finding individuality. Looking for a purpose in life. I do imagine Naki self-sacrificing for Isamu in a very crucial moment, though.

Ikazuchi - At least as of this writing, Ikazuchi appears to me at least, the most insignificant member of the team. While I see that he's the most likely member to go down first, who knows what could happen?

Now moving on to other characters outside of

Gai - Gai has obviously been trying to use Ark for his own nefarious deeds. And his constant defeats may push him to desperation for more power, which may lead him down to more insanity. And who better to host Ark than a man who's filled to the brim with evil. I do see Gai however, eventually lose himself and just turn into a mindless husk for Ark.

Izu - There's still a chance that Izu might go berserk as she has reacher singularity already. She may also be forcefully transformed by someone from the Metsuboujinrai team (likely Horobi) to become Ark Zero. Then, Aruto fights his hardest in order to save her and bring her back to normal.

Aruto - While Aruto's chances at becoming Ark Zero may be low considering that he's the main protagonist, the rate isn't zero. He's had very close encounters with Ark, especially during his early transformations into Metal Cluster Hopper, where he actually meets the embodiment of Ark in the form of Ark Zero. Though, if he does transform into Ark Zero, this would be temporary. He could be saved by either Izu or Isamu, and then another character takes over as Ark Zero.

So do you agree with these theories? Do you have any other characters in mind who could become Ark Zero? If so why? Leave your comments and your own theories below.

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2 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    Ark itsel maybe builds hes own body i mean hello Ark the name should be a hint

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It is possible to be Naki as the final boss , that is possible that she can control everything even ZAIA.

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