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JEFusion Idol Talk - NGT48 Annoounces 5th single

NGT48 finally releases a new single after over 1 1/2 years.
Entitled "Sherbet Pink" NGT48's latest single is set for release on July 22, 2020.

Serving as Center for the first time is Miyu Fujisaki.

To make their comeback extra special all members of NGT48 will participate in the single. This style has been preceded by STU48's "Daisuki na Hito".

Participating members other than Miyu are as follows:

Yuka Ogino, Tsugumi Oguma, Yuria Kado, Aina Kusakabe, Reina Seiji, Ayaka Tano, Rika Nakai, Ayuka Nakamura, Miharu Nara, Marina Nishigata, Nanako Nishimura, Hinata Honma, Noe Yamada, Chikana Ando, Nanami Otsuka, Haruka Kogoe, Minami Kato, Saaya Kawagoe, Sara Komiyama, Kairi Sato, Yume Sogabe, Yunako Tsushima, Hina Terada, Yuu Tominaga, Mana Furusawa, Aoi Furutate, Kaho Mashimo, Hino Mimura, Hinata Morohashi

With a total of 31 participating members, Sherbet Pink has the largest number of members in a carrier single to date, followed by Daisuki na Hito with 28.


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