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Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 11 title & Summary

Here is the title and summary for the 11th episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager which will be another spotlight episode for Kiramai Yellow.

Episode 11 "Time has been looped" 6/21/20

"Everyone has been talking about e-sports' #1 player, and Tametomo's rival, Yojiro Kawada! After losing an intense match, Yojiro pulls his hair out and walks out! "Wait, get up from that bed for a second!" Yells Sena as she is looking for her wallet as others walk into the HQ! Just then, Mr. Hakataminami walks in with a cake to celebrate Helico's birthday, just when a Yodon appearance alarm goes off! What a day! Standing before them is a Jyamen Monster with two masks on his face! "Let's finish this quick so we can go celebrate Helico's birthday!" However a furious Tametomo suddenly lunges at the Jyamen Monster, causing them to get tangled up in his mantle! 

Just then, Yojiro pulls his hair out at the e-sports event yet again! Sena is still looking for her wallet in the HQ, and a Yodon appearance alarm goes off once Mr. Hakataminami comes in with a cake! What is going on here?! Events are unfolding over and over again without any indication! Has time been looped? Is Yojiro's cure real?! But it isn't just time that's getting looped, also their thoughts! Can Tametomo find a way to escape in time?!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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