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Mashin Sentai Kiramager - Gigant Driller Mobilizes!

This before we get to see Kiramai Silver's Mashin partner in action, let's all get to know more about Mashin Drijan and Gigant Driller! See the scans as translated by Filip after the page break!

When its time for some giant mecha action, Takamichi will call upon his Mashin partner Mashin Drijan! This new drill tank-type Mashin will transform into Gigant Driller. Plus 2 new Weapon Mashin will debut next month and they are Mashin Duston (garbage truck) and Mashin Magellan (cement mixer).

Next month also, the Kiramagers will use more than one Gemini clone in battle (the more the merrier) and we will be witnessing new mecha combinations.

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