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Ultraman Z - June 2020 Magazine Scans Released

Check-out the latest Ultraman Z scans from the the June 2020 issue of Televi-Kun featuring team STORAGE and Ultraman Z's new weapon.

Introducing the Z Lance Arrow (and if you can see it, its a modified Orb Slugger Lance). This weapon corresponds with Ultraman Z's form in which different finishers are used and they are the Lance Cutter and Z Ice Arrow for Alpha Edge, Z Lance Fire for Beta Smash and Arrow Shot for Gamma Future/

As for Team STORAGE, they will be piloting Sevengar and Windom. Their land vehicle is called the Steg and they are armed with Beam Rifles.

And in his first adventure, Ultraman Z will be fighting the following Kaijus Genegard, Gomes and Neronga.

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