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Kamen Rider Build's Kensei Mikami Wants A Rogue VS Mad Rogue Movie To Happen

During a panel at the recent TAMASHII Features 2020 event, Kensei Mikami, known to fans as Gentoku Himuro/Kamen Rider Rogue of Kamen Rider Build said that he wants a Kamen Rider Rogue VS Kamen Rider Mad Rogue movie to be made.

Kensei revealed that he had pitched the idea to the heads at Toei production but it was rejected by the management.

Kensei was also a little bit sad that there was no S.H. FiguArts Kamen Rider Rogue at the event with all the riders from the Kamen Rider Build series present until event host Akira Shinomiya told him that there will be an S.H. FiguArts Kamen Rider Prime Rouge coming and he was surprised and happy to hear that news.

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