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Mashin Sentai Kiramager - Enter Mashin Zabyun

Here are the newest Mashin Senta Kiramager scans taken straight from the latest issue (translated by Filip) featuring the newest Mashin partner, Mashin Zabyun!

Meet Mashin Zabyun, the newest Mashin partner, a submarine born of the Aqua Kiramai Stone that has shark for a main car, that we will be meeting in the upcoming episodes of Kiramager. It also combines with Mashin Express to become King Express Zabyun which is said to be more faster than the former!

Also next month, we will be seeing other Mashin Partners combine with Gigant Driller. And what's this? An evil Kiramai Silver? And yes, we will be also meeting the queen of the planet Crystallia.

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1 Response
  1. Anonymous Says:

    There's only one thing to say about the last picture below: "Never trust a Silver Sentai or Ranger. And please don't make a Kiramai Pink end up with Kiramai Silver, but please make the Kiramai Pink end up with the Kiramai Red, even though it doesn't have to be an on-screen kiss on the lips maybe only this year because of the covid-19 nonsense"

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