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Ultraman Z - The Chosen One & The Son Of The Banished One Returns

This month on Ultraman Z, two legendary heroes from the land of light will return to help the new hero in his battle for earth's peace!

While on a mission chasing a a monster that was affected by the Devil Splinter, Riku, the son of Ultraman Belial and also known as Ultraman Geed, lands on earth. And with his return to earth, he also gained a new form by using his own Ultra Z Riser and the Ultra Medals of Ginga, X and Orb, he evolves into Ultraman Geed galaxy Rising and uses the Wrecking Phoenix finisher!

And that's not all! The chosen one, Ultraman Zero will also make his return! What could be the reason and how did Zero escaped that black hole? Could it be that Cerebro has a Belial medal in his possession?

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