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Yui Koike Weekly Playboy Interview

After a few years out of the spotlight Gokaiger's Yui Koike is back!

In an interview with Weekly Playboy magazine, Yui shares her stories on what she has been doing since her hiatus. It can be noted that her last on-screen appearance was in the Zyuohger/Gokaiger team-up episodes back in 2016.

In the interview, Yui clears up rumors of completely retiring from the entertainment industry but admits that she had been working in various fields outside of showbiz such as working at an acquaintance's company and even at an izakaya (tavern). She also denies all rumors of marriage.

Yui recounts her Gokaiger days particularly episode 29 which is said to be the best episode among Aihm fans.

When asked what type of man a princess like her would choose Yui admitted preferring someone like Joe (Aihm x Joe fans you may now rejoice).

Another interesting snippet from the interview confirms that she and Rina Aizawa (Saki Rouyama/Go-On Yellow) went to the same high school together. Rina's appearance in Go-Onger inspired Yui to become a Sentai actress as well.

Yui confirms that Gokaiger is indeed her "greatest treasure"


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1 Response
  1. Hope and pray Yui will return for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger 10 Years After Movie (proposed) and probably the 45th Super Sentai Anniversary. I felt so sorry for her character Ahim De Famille/GokaiPink and the other Gokaigers being defeated by Gaisoulg before the latter gave to Captain Marvelous/GokaiRed (Ryouta Ozawa) a ticket to the planet Nemesis for the Super Sentai Strongest Battle. Why? Because you can hear her recycled voice from the Gokaiger Episodes of 2011-2012. Perhaps she can reprise her role as Ahim after Luka Millfy/GokaiYellow (Mao Ichimichi/M.A.O) scolded Captain Marvelous for not escorting her. Let's see if there's forgiveness factor formula for that.

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