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Hasbro Reveals The Power Rangers Build-able Dino Megazord Official Images

Hasbro has released the official images and description for the Power Rangers Buildable Dino Megazord from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV series.

"The Mighty Morphin Rangers call upon their powerful Zords to lead the Rangers into battle. The BUILDABLE DINO MEGAZORD Assortment includes the TYRANNOSAURUS REX DINO ZORD figure, TRICERATOPS AND SABERTOOTH TIGER DINO ZORD 2-pack figures and MASTODON AND PTERODACTYL DINO ZORD 2-pack figures. Combine all figures to build the DINO MEGAZORD.

To protect the Earth, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinozord carries the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger into battle, while the Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops Dinozords carry the Mighty Morphin Blue and Yellow Rangers into battle and the Mastodon and Pterodactyl Dinozords carry the Mighty Morphin Black and Pink Rangers into battle. Kids can imagine the Rangers blasting into battle and joining their teammates to form the Dino Megazord!"

Each pack of the Buildable Dino Megazord will cost $14.99 and will be released this month, August 2020.

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hasbro’s PR Original Megazords!

    MM's Dino Megazord,
    MM's Mega Tigerzord,
    MM's Ninja Mega Falconzord,
    MM's Battle Borgs,
    Zeo Megazord,
    Turbo Megazord,
    Astro Megazord,
    Galaxy Megazord,
    Lightspeed Megazord,
    Time Force Megazord,
    Wild Force Megazord,
    Storm Megazord,
    Thundersaurus Megazord,
    Delta Squad Megazord,
    Titan Megazord,
    Drivemax Megazord,
    Jungle Pride Megazord,
    High Octane Megazord,
    Samurai Megazord,
    Bull Zord Warrior Mode,
    Dino Charge Megazord,
    Ninja Steel Megazord,
    Beast-X Megazord,
    Dino Fury Megazord, and

  2. These look like modified Super Minipla!

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