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Kamen Rider Black RX To Appear In New Kamen Rider Den-O Movie

Looks like the the upcoming Kamen Rider Den-O movie will not just feature a "new" form for the titular hero but will also feature an appearance from the child of the sun!
It was reported that Kamen Rider Black RX will appear in the Kamen Rider Den-O: Pretty Den-O Appears movie as Den-O will be embarking on an adventure in the year 1989 in which RX was the rider hero of that year.

And that's not all as it was also reported that Mr. Tokusatsu, Jiro Okamoto will be returning to suit up as Kamen Rider Black RX!

Source: Nihon Hero

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    it would be nice to see tetsuo kurata making a cameo on this movie

  2. Bruno Says:

    Next week, Kamen Rider Black will begin transmitting again in Brazil, in official form.

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