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Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 41 Title & Summary

This weekend on the 41st episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One, the HumaGear revolution begins once again, Ark-One debuts and aruto will fall into the despair of losing someone who is was important to his life.
Episode 41 "As long as malice exist" 8/9/20

"Ark has been destroyed thanks to the combined efforts of both Zero-One and Horobi, and the union of humans and Humagears alike! However, Ark's impact has not vanished yet! The human race is still believed to be targeted under the presumption that "As long as humanity exists, Ark will continue to return!" Meanwhile, a new president of ZAIA Enterprise Japan who rivals Gai's original position suddenly appears, and his goal is to destroy Horobi! In time, a full-scale confrontation between humans and Humagears is about to begin!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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