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Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 44-45 Synopsis

With two more episodes left before Kamen Rider Zero-One finally concludes, here are the synopsis for the 44th and final episodes.
Episode 44 - After learning that Aruto has become ARK from Horobi, the Humagears stage a demonstration. Gai and Yua move into action to prevent the battle between Aruto and Horobi, which will inevitably lead to the all out war between humanity and Humagear. Meanwhile, Fuwa tries to transform to reason with Aruto

Final Episode - ruto and Horobi finally collide! On the other hand, Gai tries to revive a certain Humagear to stop Horobi. However, the battle between Aruto and Horobi ends with an unexpected development . With his belief in Horobi, Aruto's belief creates a miracle that exceeds all of ARK's expectations

Source: Superheromaxid

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