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Kamen Rider Zero-One - Horobi To Transform Into A New Kamen Rider?

With the series coming to an end in just 4 more weeks, it was reported that Horobi, who ignites the war between the HumaGears and humans will transform into a new Kamen Rider.

As seen from the image above, it is clearly stated that he will transform into a new Kamen Rider or is it? Will he be the final body that Ark will use to evolve into Kamen Rider Ark-One? Or will we get another surprise form just like Kamen Rider Grease Blizzard from Kamen Rider Build? Let us all find out this weekend!

Source: Nihon Hero

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2 Responses
  1. DJ Drohan Says:

    it literally said in scans that the ark would achieve singularity and get a human host. So it ain't Horobi but with that chest design resembling a certain mind enhancer my money's on a different rider

  2. Unknown Says:

    definitely a new form/rider for him.

    The Ark was said to achieve singularity and get a human host for ark-one. With the ZaiaSpec symbol on ark-one's chest its almost certainly Gai.

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