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Power Rangers Lightning Collection In Space Yellow Ranger Official Images

Hasbro has released the official images for the Power Rangers Lightning Collection In Space Yellow Ranger action figure from the Power Rangers In Space TV series.

This 6" figure represents the Yellow Space Ranger who is secretly Ashley Hammond and will come complete with unmasked head, replacement wrist, Astro Blaster, Star Slinger and effect. 

The Power Rangers Lightning Collection In Space Yellow Ranger will cost $19.99 and will be released this October 2020/

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1 Response
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Next ranger superhero team to be added to the PR Lightning Collection must be the main 5-core Red-Pink-Black-Yellow-Blue Megaforce Rangers (Standard suits, helmets, and Miraculous heavenly angel motif elements only; aka Goseiger; but with the exception of the annoying Gokaiger aka Super Mega junk items including pirate outfits, helmets, Arsenals, mechas and symbol). And don't forget to add Robo Knight as well. But if anyone adds Cameron Jebo's character the Andresia Ranger to the Lightning Collection, I will get really annoyed and ashamed.

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