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Predator: Hunting Grounds 1987 Major Dutch Schaefer DLC Announced

"If it bleeds, we can kill it." For those Predator fans who can't get enough of the older, wiser and stronger veteran Yautja hunter Dutch in the Predator: Hunting Grounds game, it was announced that the next paid DLC will be his younger version in the 1987 movie!

This version of Major Dutch Schaefer is the one that we have seen in the first Predator movie in which he lead an elite rescue team composed of Billy, Mac, Poncho, Blain, Hawkins and his friend turned CIA agent Dillon.

"Back in May we brought you Dutch 2025, but Predator: Hunting Grounds would not be a true love song to the ’87 Predator film if we didn’t bring the community a classic Dutch playable character. The opportunity to tell a new story with Dutch, and to represent his iconic look was so good, we had to do both! And just like Dutch 2025 you will get all the character lines voiced by the one and only. This Paid DLC will also get you 8 tint customizations and early access* to Dutch’s fully automatic, hard-hitting Mercenary weapon featuring an underbarrel grenade launcher and steady hip firing action."

The DLC has been released last 28 but it was reported that 87" Dutch will be released on September the 1st. Once its out, its time to make some Yautja bleed and get to the choppa!

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