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DC Announces Cancellation Of Batman Beyond Comic Series

Looks like Terry's going to fly into his final adventure as it was announced that DC's current ongoing Batman Beyond series is scheduled to end on its 50th issue scheduled to be released this December of 2020.

The announcement is a part of the December 2020 solicitations with writer Dan Jurgens and artist Sean Chen closing out the series plus the cover is drawn by Dan Mora and a variant to follow by Francis Manapul.

Here's a quick description of the said final issue:

"The finale of Dan Jurgens's iconic run on Batman Beyond finds Terry McGinnis accused of crimes he didn't commit!," reads DC's solicitation. "When one of his greatest rogues, the formidable Inque, poses as Batman and causes havoc around Gotham City, Wonder Woman will stop by to confront Batman Beyond. Will Terry be able to convince her that he’s innocent or will he find himself the enemy of one of the DC Universe's greatest heroes? The epic conclusion of the series is here!"

No reason or explanation from DC has been given as of this writing with DX publisher Jim Lee stating that the company will be reducing its line by 20-25%. This will be the 6th title to be cancelled in which the other titles are Young Justice, Teen Titans, John Constantine: Hellblazer, Suicide Squad and Hawkman. 

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