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Kamen Rider Saber Episode 03 Title & Summary

This weekend on the 3rd episode of Kamen Rider Saber, the 4th Swordsman, Kamen Rider Buster appears and Saber uses a new combo form.

Episode 03 "I am a father and a swordsman" 9/20/20

"After the young man who entered the book store on a blue lion enters another young man on a flying carpet! The name of this young man who starts to speak directly with Toma Kamiyama is Kento Fukamiya, and he was once a childhood friend of Toma's! Could he be aware of Toma's strange dreams, and the events of what happened 15 years ago? Furthermore, another new swordsman also appears as Toma and Rintaro rush to the scene! His name is Ryo Ogami, a Swordsman of Earth who wields a large sword and ferociously cuts down Megidou as Kamen Rider Buster! Not to mention, he is also a swordsman with a child!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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