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Kamen Rider Saber Episode 04 Summary

Check-out the stills and summary for the 4th episode of Kamen Rider Saber featuring the debut of Kamen Rider Espada!

Episode 04 "Because a book was opened" 9/27/20

"Despite defeating the Megiddo, the city still hasn't reverted back to normal! Toma promises a worried Ryo Ogami who is missing his son Sora, that he will get him back! Ryo Ogami's feelings manifest towards Toma by saying "Do you understand what a parent is feeling?!" Despite this, Toma still promises to keep his word. Feeling frustrated and full of intense emotions, Ryo Ogami seeks to inform the sage of what has occurred. The case of the Megiddo is still a mystery, and just where did these people disappear to?! Toma and Rintaro think this situation over carefully, as Mei, who feels responsibility for what happened, suddenly makes a rash decision...!"


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