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The Flash Movie To Restart The DCEU

It looks like the upcoming Flash movie will not only feature 2 Batman from different multiverse but will also finally restart the DC extended universe! 

According to a virtual Q & A that was held during the second day of the DC Fandome event featuring Ezra Miller. who portrays the role of Barry Allen/The Flash, director Andy Muschietti and producer Barbara Muschietti, the movie will give the DC extended universe a fresh start as we all know that the movie will be based on DC's Flashpoint saga (but not entirely) where Barry traveled back in time to save his mother in which there were consequences for this action and the DC universe was never the same again.

Besides the fact that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will reprise their roles as the Batman of the hit 1989 movie and the DCEU's Batman, it was also reported that many DCEU heroes will also be appearing in the movie along with new heroes and villains. Oh, did we forgot to mention that Flash will get an all new costume in this movie courtesy of the bat?

What do you think of this great news? Drop all your thoughts down the comment section and let's all wait for more updates for the flash movie.

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