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Ultraman Z - Delta Rise Claw To Debut In Episode 15 & Ultraman Ace Returns

Check-out this newest stills from the upcoming episodes of Ultraman Z featuring the debut of the Delta Rise Claw Form and the return of the 5th Ultra brother, Ultraman Ace!

It was reported that Ultraman Z's new fusion form, Delta Rise Claw, will finally make its debut on the 15th episode along with Beliarok plus we will get to see Hebikura transform into his Majin-Tai form once again fighting side by side with Haruki.

On the 17th episode, one of Alien Barossa's brothers will appear on earth, getting vengeance for his fallen brother and will try to steal Beliarok. On the 18th episode, a classic alien, Kemurijin will also appear.

Finally on the 18th episode, Ultraman Ace will be joining Ultraman Z in action with Z transforming into his Beta Smash form who also uses the Ace medal's power!

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