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Introducing Zero Ichi Familia

Hikari Kuroki of Ultraman Z, Nashiko Momotsuki of Kiramager, and Angela Mei of Kamen Rider Saber.

What do they have in common? Their talent agency!

Introducing Zero Ichi Familia!

Zero Ichi Familia is a talent agency located in Tokyo, Japan, whose talents are exclusively young women, especially cosplayers, gravure models and actresses.

Here is a small gallery of some of their talents:

Aya Kawasaki (retired in early 2020)

Hikari Kuroki (Ultraman Z)

Nashiko Momotsuki (Kiramager/GARO VERSUS ROAD)

Angela Mei (Kamen Rider Saber)


Kaho Mori (former STU48)

Babababambi (Zero Ichi's own idol group)

And here's another group shot

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