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Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 28 Title & Summary

On the 28th episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Kiramajin is rendered useless at the moment and Shiguru will try to persuade Mashin Hakubo to help them!

Episode 28 "Shiguru is crying" 10/18/20

"An incident occurs when a building in the city suddenly collapses! The Kiramagers, who think this is the work of a Jyamen Creature, rush to the scene in Kiramaizin! However, while there they are suddenly hit with an "invisible attack" rendering them incapable of fighting! Mabushiina, who witnesses this attack, is terrified. "That was the same attack they used when they invaded Crystallia!" she exclaims! 

The Kiramagers plan some countermeasures, but the damage done to the Mashin is extensive, and the CARAT systems are unlikely to recover in time! Their only hope is to seek a miracle in the Atamald Sanctuary! However, only Mashin Hakobu, a royal aide to King Oradin, knows of the location of the Sancutary and can go there. However, the Kiramagers will have to persuade it to lead them there! In order to save the Mashin, and replace Mashin Hakobu's despair over the destruction of Crystallia with hope, Shiguru volunteers to head out to the islands at the ends of the earth where Mashin Hakobu is located alongside Juuru...!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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