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Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 29 Title & Summary

Next weekend on the 29th episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager, the team finally gains a new ally and a new mecha; the Grateful Phoenix!

Episode 29 "The illusory Atamald" 10/25/20

"The Kiramagers were freed thanks to the help of Mashin Hakobu! But after requesting that he guide them to Atamald to free the other Mashin, he is reluctant to do so! Atamald is another world created by the spirit of Kind Oradin, and the Stone that exists there has already lost its brilliance at the notion of the loss of the king, and it is said that no power can restore it! 

The Kiramagers feel hopeless, but King Oradin comes to Juuru in a dream saying "Come and see me...", which gives the team enough determination to convince Mashin Hakobu to take them to Atamald! Meanwhile, in Yodonheim, Yodonna guides Garza to the depths of the darkness telling him "There is something I want to show you...", but what Garza saw within was...?!"

Source: Specialform12

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