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Miki & Natsume Masaki return in Kiramger

Remember the SCRTC logo on Sena's track uniform? It's not just an easter egg anymore!

Kazue Ito and Sakina Kuwae reprise their respective roles as the mother and daughter tandem of Miki and Natsume Masaki of Juken Sentai Gekiranger after 13 years!

Natsume and Miki

As per its appearance in Gekiranger, SCRTC (Scratch) is a conpany that produces sporting goods, such as Sena's track uniform. It is also the organization that aids the Gekirangers.

As head of SCRTC, Miki Masaki and her daughter Natsume appear to aid Sena in Kiramager episode 27. Will Miki showcase her own geki skills one more? Will Natsume now be able to do the same?

Kiramager episode 27 airs October 11, 2020.

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