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Kamen Rider Saber Episode 10 Title & Summary

Check-out the stills, title, and summary for the 10th episode of Kamen Rider Saber featuring the triple 3 Volumes form combo!

Episode 10 "Crossing swords and emotions" 11/15/20

"It was Kamen Rider Slash, the swordsmith of the Sword of Logos who took a Wonder Ride Book stolen by Calibur and helped out Saber and the others who were in trouble! He fought off Calibur as a new swordsman, but his Wonder Ride Book remained stolen. Meanwhile, Touma gets caught up in Calibur's words: "Things aren't always as they seem". Sophia is also skeptical that Calibur is actually Kento's father, Hayato Fukamiya. 

Meanwhile, Kento thinks of his father and continues to ponder the situation further. Touma and Rintaro notice this, but Kento remembers what his father did 15 years ago, and tries to distance himself from the others. All the while Reika, a messenger from the Southern Base, makes contact with Kento! On the other hand, Calibur and Storius are one step closer to completing a new Ride Book! The young swordsman challenge Calibur once again, while the clashing of their swords is mixed with the clashing of their feelings..."

Source: Specialform12

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