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Kamen Rider Saber EPisode 12 Title & Summary

Kento wants revenge after the beating that he has received from Kamen Rider Calibur and decides to go alone and do what must be done.

Episode 12 "What was promised in that place" 11/29/20

"Kento finds himself fallen before Calibur's new power as he confronts Daichi Kamijo about the event 15 years ago and the whereabouts of his father! Just then, it was Rintaro who took the attack for him, as Rintaro fell to the power of Calibur's sword! Meanwhile, six locations in the city are being transported to the Wonder World simultaneously, and as the swordsmen defeat two of the Megid there, they notice the effects don't disappear, and pillars of light with a ring at the top suddenly emerge from the ground! 

The remaining Megid are still inflicting damage on the city! With the absence of Sophia, Touma decides to continue fighting, knowing now that this is some sort of trap. However, it was Kento who recognizes this effect and remembers something important! The key to all of this lies 15 years ago! Kento decides to go to the place where he made his promise, to reconcile his feelings from long ago..."

Source: SpecialForm12

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