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Kento - The next CALIBUR?

So what exactly happened for this theory of mine to come about?

Watch to find out!

Saber and Blades get power-ups!

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1 Response
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Philip,

    I think your theory is right on point. Kento seems to pushing everyone away, so he definitely within the evil spectrum. Given how Touma and Kento had a relationship as kids prior to the series, I think a deep betrayal story between them would be amazing. As we have observed in almost every Rider series to date, the final villian of the series appears early on in the series. If Kento were to become the next Calibur, I could very easily see him becoming the final villain of the series given how early he appeared.

    A personal theory of my own is that the man in the hood who gave King of Arthur to Touma is the swordsman of light. I believe that if this is the case, he would probably give his light power to Touma as a possible final form. Fire and light are very similar elements afterall. And if Kento did become Calibur, him vs Touma as light vs darkness would be incredible. Oh, another thing, I think Sophia is Luna grown up. If that's the case, she knew Touma and Kento as children. This adds even more to the theory that Kento will be a villain. Sophia would probably try to keep them together and keep them from fighting near the end of the series. Reika did say that Kento was very important in the fight, I wonder why?

    Thanks so much for posting your theory!

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