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Possible New Captain America Suit Revealed By Disney Merchandise

Excited for Sam Wilson's new Captain America suit from the upcoming The Falcon & The Winter Soldier series from Disney+? Well, thanks to this leaks from a official Disney merchandize, here is a sneak peak of that said suit!

And here it is, Sam Wilson's Captain America suit! Though it may lack the center star on the chest, the red, white, and blue represents all that there is of good old Captain America. Question is, how would Falcon fair against a new Captain America that doesn't have his morals and code?

As for Bucky/Winter Soldier, we all have seen what his new suit would look but it looks like this time, he will have a clean shaven look on him. Will he also take the mantle of his best friend and become the sentinel of liberty in the MCU?

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier stars Anthony Mackie as The Falcon, Emily Van Camp as Sharon Carter/Agent 13, Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo and Georges St-Pierre as Batroc The Leaper. No release date has been announced yet so stay tuned as always.   

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