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Should Super Sentai Take a Break?

Since there's no Superhero Time this week I decided to make a vlog.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The problem with Sentai boils down to Toei not allowing risks with the franchise. They cling onto the same old ideas the repeat them because that's what just barely works to make a profit. Rider is allowed to take wild risks with its content and stories because of how popular it is and how much money it makes, being one of Bandai's highest grossing franchises globally despite being limited to the Asian market.

    When Sentai does take a risk there's usually a caveat. Go-Busters was the last series to TRULY take a risk and go outside the box in terms of story and characters, but it didn't do super well financially so the next year we got the most cookie cutter and clean Sentai period, Kyoryuger. And that sold like wild fire, so it's the main model for selling Sentai. And we've seen the creative team take risks with new ideas like LuPat, but then Toei interfered because Patranger toys weren't selling as highly so the story all of a sudden shifts to mostly be about the Lupins and even then toy sales were low enough to make them do dinosaurs again.

    Does Sentai need a break? I don't think it needs one per say, but it needs to attempt to try new things. Kiramager is literally only different because the entire series is a modern take on a Showa-era Sentai season, and even then it can be very tedious, repetitive, and boring in whole. It just needs to try new things that could get people invested again. Rider is so investing because, despite being made to sell toys, it never feels like that. It feels like just a show that has toys as opposed to Sentai which feels designed to sell toys. We need a take on it like Go-Busters that is willing to try new things.

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