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Top Black Anime Superheroes

Anime has always predominantly been characterized as racially white men and women with large eyes. Rarely would you ever see a black lead or side character! If any character were racially black, they'd have image flaws with rude behaviors or actions.But times have changed now. Black anime characters are taking center leads in anime and influencing more Black kids, teens, and adults worldwide to watch anime and look for the same heroes in life. But this site shows that in real life, black dating is something more. It is connected to people with common values.

Top-5 Black Anime Characters 

1.     Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai is the main protagonist of the anime series (and manga) of the same name: Afro Samurai. It's often ambiguous when a character is black, but Afro Samurai depicts the accurate big hair and skin tone. The tale mixes a revenge story with great fighting sequences, making it an action-adventure like no other.

2.     Jet Black

Jet black is one of the characters of the anime Cowboy Bebop. In the anime, he supports the role of a "black dog," acting as a bounty hunter. He was once a cop but turned away from serving the government after seeing the world's moral ambiguity. In the original series, Jet Black's racial identity isn't known (although he is pretty light-skinned). Still, Netflix's version has brought significant changes by dubbing him black and casting Mustafa Shakir, a black actor, to play him in an upcoming live-action adaptation.

3.     Bob Makihara

Bob Makihara is a black character from the anime and manga series Tenjou Tenge. The anime introduces Bob Makihara as of South African descent, but he has a Japanese sounding. For the most part of the anime following the initial introduction, Bob is referred to as a "foreigner." It takes the focus away from the racial background, subtly highlighting how the Japanese treat people out of their country, regardless of race.

4.     Muhammed Avdol

Muhammed Avdol is a middle-eastern black man of Egyptian descent; he plays the role of a righteous and responsible character in the manga and anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, particularly in the third part - Stardust Crusaders. Avdol, as characters in the series mostly refer to him, acts as a moral compass and often a brain of the group looking to bring defeat to an ancient vampire.

5.     Kaname Tosen

Kaname Tosen is a black character seen in the anime and manga named Bleach. Kaname Tosen is visualized as a black man with dark skin and cornrows. He is completely blind. In the series, Kaname Tosen is depicted as a righteous man who fights for justice without bloodshed.

Find Your Anime-Lover on a Dating Site

Everyone wants to find like-minded individuals to date. Still, without interacting for hours, there is no way of knowing whether you'll click. The easiest and quickest way to find a person who shares the same level of love for anime is through online dating sites.

Web-based services provide an easy way out from all the expensive and time-consuming hassles of dating in-person, often only leading to disappointment. There are plenty of matchmaking platforms that offer you grounds to find a partner in different niches. You can date in the anime lover category, look for black anime lovers, or join an online dating site developed exclusively to fit with your potential partner's image.

Other options include using advanced search features of dating sites. These let you filter out any profile that doesn't match your preference. By dating a like-minded person with the same interests, it's easy to fall in love and share conversations about what you love without making it dull. It acts as a great conversation starter and helps continue the flow.

However, don't fixate on finding an anime-lover. You can easily introduce the love for anime in your partner gradually through sharing suggestions and sharing hobbies. Once you've found or converted a person into an anime-lover, an excellent first date option could be watching a Japanese animated movie in the cinema or through an online platform during the pandemic. We recommend Studio Ghibli's masterpieces!

Other exciting dating option that you could explore in the future is manga-reading in bookshops and going to comic-cons together once the pandemic is finally over.

How Your Otaku Girl Look Can Get Attention Online?

Otaku is a term used to describe avid lovers of anime. It is a name most people in the anime-community can relate to but shouldn't be confused with a "weeb," who is a fan of Japanese culture as a whole, not just an anime. Often, even at a manga store or a convention, it's hard to know at first glance whether an individual is interested in anime.

No two anime fans are on the same level of interest or love the same kind of genre. If you're an otaku girl, chances are you'll grab the attention of many men. Most otaku girls do cosplays and support a cutesy look with a high-pitched soft voice since anime-loving men love cute or "kawaii" women.

And it works since there is also a fetish revolving around being together with otaku girls. If you're into it and don't mind being pursued by your dressing sense, then showing off your otaku fashion is a great way to start.

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