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JEFusion Idol Talk - More AKB48 Members undergo COVID Testing

Following the case of NMB48 member Miru Shiroma having been COVID-19 positive members of other sister groups that have been working closely with her have undergone PCR testing as a precaution. Needless to say these are all big names within the AKB48 family.

All of the members to be listed here have already been tested negative so far, but as per advised, will have to remain under home observation until December 11, 2020.

The list of members are as follows:

AKB48 - Nana Okada, Rin Okabe, Yui Oguri, Yuki Kashiwagi, Erii Chiba, Minami Minegishi, Mion Mukaichi, Tomu Muto, Yuiri Murayama, Mizuki Yamauchi, Yui Yokoyama

SKE48 - Akari Suda

HKT48 - Miku Tanaka

NGT48 - Hinata Honma

STU48 - Yumiko Takino

As per NMB48, where Miru Shiroma belongs to, that there was no quarantine order yet will continue to implement safety measures.

All official announcements from the respective sister groups are below:

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