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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger - 1st Toy Listing & Set Pic Revealed

Before we can finally get our first look at the new team, let us first get to know about the 1st toy listing and 1st on-the-set picture that involves the 45th Super Sentai team that we will be meeting in the upcoming Super Sentai Movie Ranger 2021 festival!

According to the news, the new team will not follow the traditional line-up, are all robots, and they will be lead by the only human member named Zenkaiser, who has a white uniform and a body armor that may be similar to Dragon Ranger's but has rainbow colors on it.

As the team member that are all robots, they will be based on past Super Sentai mechas, and they are Zenkaizyuran (red/Daizyujin), Zenkaigaon (yellow/Gaoking), Zenkaivroon (blue/Daibouken), and Zenkaimagin (pink/Magiking). 

Seen in the image below are Zenkaimagin and Zenkaigaon.

Our new heroes will be transforming into their ranger forms by using the Geartlinger and the gimmick toy will be called Sentai Gear which features a sentai team along with their mecha.

As for the official team mecha, the Zenkaigers will be using the Double Zenkai Gattai gimmik in which their mechas will combine in a symmetrical way. Their mechas are called Zenkai Zyuragaon and Zenkai Vroonmagin with a possible 5 piece combination to be revealed later.

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  1. Wait, isn't that Kikai on the left there? One of the future Riders from Zi-O?

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