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Kikai Zentai Zenkaiger - Character Designs & Information Leaked

Just in! A set of images that is possibly the line-art and character designs for the main heroes from Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger have surfaced completely with information! Read all about it after the break!

And here are the information that was translated from these images courtesy of Decade from Ranger Board:

"ZenKaiser - Goshikida Kaito is a young man who wants to be #1 in any field, if doesn’t matter what. “He’s man who goes from 0 to 1.” Usually just a happy goof, if his switch is activated he becomes a “hot headed fool.” He considered everyone his friend and often invades invades personal space. In any case, he rushes at everything with “Full Power Full Throttle”

ZenkaiJuran, “Juran” - Actually the oldest member of the team. He thinks of himself a as cool and reserved old man, but he’s actually an annoyingly stubborn Kikainoid. Even though he’s a mechanical lifeform, he’s bad at technology, and is a muscle-brained powered type. He’s a fierce friend and values his relationships, and hits it off immediately with Kaito. He loves parties and being the center of attention!

ZenkaiGaon “Gaon” - A “natural airhead” Kikainoid who is peaceful and considered humanity as just one among animal-kind. Conversely, he doesn’t get along with his own kind, and is rather cold to other mechanical life forms. His speciality is cooking. He is very diligent in preparing meals for Kaito. Could it be perhaps it’s like feeding your pet? He’s a “my pace” kind of character.

ZenkaiVroon, “Vroon” - A serious “class president” type character. He loves learning but hasn’t had a chance to receive formal schooling & there’s a lot he doesn’t know. There’s a lot he is interested in knowing and sometimes his questions will be annoying or dark, unintentionally He loves cleanliness and his speciality is cleaning. He has a habit of falling in love with people (no matter their race.)

ZenkaiMagine, “Magine” - She considers herself reserved and shy, but at times she is actually quite brazen! She loves magic, the occult and non-scientific things. She becomes intensely obsessed with those things she loves, and is basically an otaku. As a mechanical life form, she sees humanity as “fantasy” and is incredibly interested in it. In contrast with Vroon, she is the type to never clean up!

Goshikida Isamu and Goshikida Mitsuko- Kaito’s parents. They’re professors who discovered the existence of parallel worlds, and are currently missing.

 Goshikida Yatsude - Kaito’s grandmother who runs a sweets shop/cafe called “Colorful”. He lives with her.

Secchan - A mechanical bird that was left to Kaito by his parents. When the enemy invades, he suddenly starts talking!

Animal/vehicle form names for the Kikainoids- GaonLion, JuranTyranno, MaginDragon, VroonDump. Kikai Henkei is what it’s called when the robots shift to their mecha forms. ZenkaiOh JuraGaon, VrooMagine, ZenkaiOh JuraMagine ZenkaiOh VrooGaon

GearTlinger- A gun-type henshin device developed by Kaito’s parents. By setting SentaiGears “condensed versions of Super Sentai Powers” into it, you can transform into a Zenkaiger of that Sentai’s type (Robo combo only) Also allows ZenkaiJuran & the rest to grow giant & combine

SentaiGears (Gears used by the heroes)- Condensed versions of the “Super Sentai”who exist across the many parallel worlds. Allowing the Zenkaiger to transform, they can also be used to call on those Sentai’s powers.

KikaiTopia- Of the many parallel worlds that exist, it’s a world that is home to Mechanical Lifeforms known as “Kikainoids.” The majority of Kikainoids are beings of good, but the current rulers, the “Evil Dynasty Tojitendo” and rules them with fear and an iron fist.

KikaiTopia Dynasty Tojitendo- The organization who rules over KikaiTopia with an iron fist.

TojiruGears (Gears the villains use)- Using parallel world tech (misuse the tech Kaito’s parents created), worlds are “tojikometa” (locked up) & gears are created. TojiruGears can be set in the minions & call forth the power of those locked up worlds, summoning monsters from them."

What are your thoughts about this information that was leaked? We only have a couple of days before the new team makes its way to Televi-Kun!

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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1 Response
  1. Ruffinn Kein Says:

    Even though I wasn't so happy about what Toei was doing with Zenkiger, the character descriptions do make me happier and hopeful about the upcoming season. I really really hope that Toei gives us an appropriate 45th Super Sentai anniversary season and can make it a memorable season.

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