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Marvel Announces Armor Wars Starring Don Cheadle

BOOM! You lookin' for this? At last, Marvel is going to bring happiness to all War Machine fans as it was announced that they will be producing a Disney+ series, Armor Wars with Don Cheadle as the lead actor! 

As the title implies, the new Disney+ series will be based on one of the iconic comic events from the pages of the Iron Man comic book series which also spawned a sequel and will be the actor's 6th appearance in the MCU.

How will James Rhodes cope with this problem when he is still mourning the loss of his best friend, Tony Stark/Iron Man, who sacrificed himself to save the universe from Thanos? 

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1 Response
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I bet they will try to mix the minisaga of the Living Laser (in which it was revealed that Tony was still alive) with the previous event that showed the Silver Centurion armor (in which Rhoades felt that he was robbing Tony of his legacy). To finish, this would have been a better story for Iron Man 3. Instead of the bleep that was the introduction of AIM.

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