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Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Title & Summary

Garza's attacks continue and this time, he has grabbed hold of one of the Kiramager's Mashin partner, King Express!

Episode 34 "A blue and yellow passion" 12/6/20

"While on a break, Tametomo and Shiguru take turns playing a game of billiards, which Jewel stares at in envy! Juuru can't help but see the two of them as "a cool couple of people" in his own eyes, as they have something he looks up to. Even as that's said, both Tametomo and Shiguru carry an air of bashfulness but not all dissatisfied as others would have them believe! Meanwhile, Mr. Hakataminami detects another Yodonheim reaction in the city, as Tametomo and Shiguru respond to the call along with Juuru! When they arrive at the scene, they notice Yodonna awaiting them with... one of the faces of Nuumajou?!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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