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My top 10 Gundam Seed Gundams

The Gundam Seed series became my favorite because of all the Gundams it featured. Therefore, I'm making a top 10 list of my favorite Gundams from that universe.

This list will encompass all Gundams in the SEED universe for more inclusivity.

As per usual, these are just my personal favorites, so feel free to share your own in the comments.

1. Destiny Gundam

I've already mentioned the Destiny as one of my top 10 favorite Gundams of all time. Very versatile and powerful, it supposedly had everything it needed to win. I just hated it when it was destroyed for Shin's plot.

2. Duel Gundam

The Duel was one of the early developed G-Units of the Earth Alliance. Designed as a general assault unit, its equipment is very simple. A beam rifle with an attached grenade launcher, beam sabers, and CWIS vulcans, there's nothing very special, really. But its simplicity also opens up opportunities for upgrades and customization. It can carry other handheld weapons, be given extra armor like the Assault Shroud, and so on. But if ZAFT never got their hands on the G-Units, they probably would've had acquired beam weapon technology much later, leaving them with mostly GINNs. If I were to take down just GINNs, a notmal Duel would suffice.

3. Force Impulse Gundam

Sure, the Impulse Gudam is just Strike Gundam part 2, but I would definitely choose this over the Strike anytime. Its power source can be recharged mid battle thanks to the Deuterion energy transfer system, and despite very basic weaponry, it's versatile enough to take down most enemies. I do perfer this over the other variants because I value mobility over offense.

4. Strike Noir Gundam

Appearing in Gundam Seed Stargazer, this Cusomized Strike Gundam by the looks alone is already a huge departure from the base model. It's also basically a Perfect Strike Gundam with its high energy beam launchers, anti-ship swords, and wings for mobility, all in one Striker Pack.

5. Calamity Gundam

After ZAFT stole 4 of the original G-Units, the Earth Alliance had to produce new, more powerful units to make up for them. One of the units produced was the Calamity Gundam, a long range specialist. Bearing both beam/energy weaponry and a bazooka for targets that are not anti-beam treated, Calamity packs a punch, albeit at the cost of mobility. But you can just find a safe spot, shoot away, and watch your foes fall.

6. Chaos Gundam

The Chaos Gundam's defining feature is the Mobile Weapons Pods on its back. They're improved DRAGOONs that are simplified for any pilot to easily use without needing special skills.

7. Akatsuki Gundam Oowashi

The first thing you will notice with the Akatsuki is that its golden. But the coat isn't for show. It can deflect beam attack and send it back to the enemy, making the armor a weapon as well. I prefer the Oowashi over the Shiranui pack because the DRAGOONs on the Shiranui require the pilot to have a special ability, and the Oowashi can be used on Earth.

8. Abyss Gundam

The Abyss can fight on both Earth and in space. But its greatest benefit: the ability to fight underwater. And its array of weapons help it do the job.

9. Astray Gundam Red Frame

The Astray Red Frame has probably become as iconic as the Freedom, especially in the Build universe. It is highly customizable and upgradeable, but the Gerbera Straight may be the best part. In a battle dominated by beam weapons, the Gerbera Straight's special compostion can slice through anything, and can fight beam swords without melting.

10. Saviour Gundam

The Saviour has become one of my favorite transformable units in the Gundam franchise. High mobility and a a destructive arsenal just make for a perfect combination.

Honorable mentions:

Freedom Gundam
Buster Gundam
Astray Gundam Blue Frame
Raider Gundam
Destroy Gundam

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